After Bitcoin … the launch of a new cryptocurrency and the unveiling of a surprise about its market value!


Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: On Monday, a new digital currency was launched under the name “Internet Computer” (ICP), and one day after its launch, its market value jumped to about $ 45 billion.

The American agency “Bloomberg” said Wednesday that the new currency has become the eighth largest digital asset among the top ten in the classification of the American “Coin Market” that monitors the movement of cryptocurrencies in global markets.

The agency explained that the new currency and the digital ledger associated with it are supposed to help program developers or content creators publish anything they want on the Internet without going through digital giants, such as: “Facebook”, “Amazon” or the need to use servers or commercial services e.

The founder of the project, Dominic Williams, said that the idea is “to avoid gardens surrounded by company walls and reduce costs,” noting that users can build social media and other services that compete with the Internet giants.

The agency pointed out that the main network of the new currency uses smart contracts, or software that performs tasks and competes with its major competitors, such as the “Ether” currency, adding that it joins many other coins and related networks with the aim of stealing the lights from “Ether.”

And she said: “The emergence of the Internet computer currency for the first time coincides with the increase in talks and arguments about other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ether and Dogecoin, and with the dramatic escalation of prices,” noting that the total market value of all cryptocurrencies now stands at about $ 2.48 trillion compared to less than a trillion dollars. At the beginning of the year.


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