AFC Cup: Al-Ansar faces Al-Salt and has his eye on qualifying


After defeating the Palestinian Balata Center (2-0), the Lebanese Al-Ansar is playing its second match in Group Two of the AFC Cup, where the Jordanian Al-Salt will face the host at 8:00 pm (Beirut time).
The match represents the pass for the Lebanese team, as the victory guarantees them qualification to the second round, while the last chance for the Jordanian team after losing its first match against the Bahraini Muharraq, who plays with the Balata Center at four o’clock.
“The match against the owner of the land will be difficult, especially as he lost his first match, and he is a stubborn team that will seek compensation in front of us, and he is working to focus on the performance of the players and how to win, and depends on the strategy of work on each match separately,” said German Robert Gasbert, coach of Al-Ansar.
He added, “We are psychologically superior to Al-Salt, because we won the previous match and have all the confidence in ourselves, while Al-Salt lost the opening match and is under pressure to win or leave the competition.”
Jasbert was forced to change the squad of his team that played the first match due to the injury of Hassan Shaito (Money), and his return to Beirut.
The Ansar squad is expected to consist of goalkeeper Nazih Asaad, and each of Hassan Shaito (Shbriku), Nasar Nassar, Mu’taz Billah Al-Junaidi and Hussein Al-Durr for the defensive line, Nader Matar, Jihad Ayoub and Youssef Barakat for the midfield, Hassan Matouk, Ahmed Hegazy and Mahmoud Kajk for the offensive line.


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