A zero season writes the beginning of the end .. Has Ronaldo passed his worst season in football ?!


Did Cristiano Ronaldo write an end to his season with Juventus?

As long as the sun rises, it must set, that is the year of life, and so is the system of succession of days, as well as in football.

About 20 years ago, the world witnessed the first emergence of Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo in the skies of European football, and here he was, that star breathed his last.

Ronaldo went through one of the worst seasons, whether individually or collectively, but in spite of that, he was not without various individual achievements.

The title is waiting!

Cristiano Ronaldo is about to win the title of top scorer in the Italian league for the first time in his football career, a title that was postponed for three seasons.

Ronaldo is the top scorer in the tournament with 27 goals, behind second-placed Romelu Lukaku, Luis Muriel and Dusan Vlovic, with 21 goals.

With only three rounds remaining until the end, it will be difficult for someone to catch him, given the possibility of scoring more goals.


Zero effect

The season may have been accustomed to Ronaldo individually in terms of the number of goals in the Italian league, but in general those goals were not the usual value of the Don goals.

Ronaldo, despite scoring 27 goals so far and making two goals in the Italian League, the team lost hope of winning the championship even before Inter’s crowning it.

In the Champions League, his favorite tournament, Ronaldo scored only four goals, which is the second lowest number of goals in the tournament after scoring three goals in 2006-2007.

Collective frustration

Juventus left the Champions League and failed to maintain the league and lost the cup, meaning that it lost all the titles this season.

Juventus faces the risk of being excluded from the Italian league

In terms of match numbers, the team played 41 games in the presence of Ronaldo. They won 28, suffered six defeats, and drew seven. The Portuguese was knocked out on four occasions as a substitute player.

Too much waste!

Ronaldo may have scored 34 goals in all competitions this season with Juventus, and that number may increase with three matches remaining in the Italian League, but all these numbers are not important if we look at them in a larger context.

Ronaldo’s 34 goals, including only 25 goals without relying on penalty kicks, scored them in 22 games out of 41 with Juventus by hat-trick, ten duets, and 11 goals in 11 different games, meaning that he missed scoring on 19 occasions and was not effective with his team.

Apart from the number of goals, Ronaldo has tried on goal on 202 occasions during the season, that is, he scored 16.8% of the total balls he tried to score, which is a very bad percentage even for a 36-year-old striker.


That number was better translated into the number of big chances that the Portuguese star wasted, as he wasted 30 achieved chances to score, and scored 27 chances achieved from the total of his 34 goals by counting penalty kicks as a great opportunity.

At the industry level, Ronaldo has not been the best among his teammates or rivals over the past years, but his numbers are also very low this season, and we saw him creating five goals out of a total of seven big chances.

The beginning of the end or the beginning of a stronger return ?!

We are not used to seeing Cristiano Ronaldo in defeat, and this season may be a new start for him in his football career, which witnesses their last seasons.

But the circumstances surrounding Ronaldo may make what is currently happening is the beginning of the end for his brilliant career, which has seen many accomplishments and individual and collective titles.

The Portuguese star may not play the Champions League next season if he continues with Juventus, to be a precedent of its kind.

Also, continuing in Italy without a real sports project for Juventus, whose management is floundering, will definitely mean a repeat of that season again.

In any case, only days will answer that question, to see if Ronaldo will continue with Juventus and lose the opportunity to play the Champions League next season, or will conditions improve and compete in the tournament, or he is looking for a transfer to one of the participating teams even if he is in Portugal or Lesser European League.


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