A wonderful song .. Kazem El Saher performs “Al-Hayat” in 14 minutes (video)


El-Saher broadcast this song on his official YouTube channel.

Iraqi artist Kazem El Saher. Source: Facebook

He launched the Iraqi artist Kazem Al-saherRecently, his new song, “Al Hayat,” in which he talks about deserting friends.

What distinguishes this song is that Al-Saher accomplished it completely, writing its lyrics and composing them himself, while the Lebanese singer Michel Fadel performed the musical arrangement.

The length of the song is 14 minutes, and Al-Sahir broadcast it on his official channel on “The YouTubeIt received more than 100,000 views.

And it says at the beginning of the song: “Life drank from its cups of stinging until boredom, and I lived in its torment an unbearable depression.”

It is noteworthy that El-Saher is also preparing to launch another new song, which is written by Palestinian poet and journalist Darine Shabir.


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