A wife sues her husband for biting her at every disagreement … and the judge burns him with an unexpected response


Riyadh (Echo):

Journalist Mishaal Al-Sudairy revealed the story of a wife suing her husband for biting her in every dispute.

In his article, “May God honor you with sermons, not bites,” published in Al-Sharq Al-Awsat newspaper, the Al-Sudairy workshop said: “In Saudi Arabia, an employee who works in the office of a judge told me, and said: A woman complained about her husband in the court saying that her husband was harming her and biting her severely and violently when anything happened. A disagreement between them, which caused her psychological and physical harm. ”

He added: “It has indeed been proven that when every disagreement with her is established, some of it is established until she is polite, according to what he said. The judge asked him about the reason for this strange act, and he answered him: This is legally permissible based on the verse (and for whom you fear their disobedience is their member), then the judge said to him: O stupid you do Do you yourself explain your time ?!, meaning, exhort them, meaning advise them and guide them, bite you by a dog, God willing … Go and take your wife and never repeat her. ”

He continued: “The employee said that the judge started laughing until the end of the hours, and even while he was going down the stairs, he laughed until he got into the car and closed the door.”


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