A tennis player gets only 2 euros for her participation in a tournament … what’s the story? (Video)


French tennis player Sara Chakarevic won only 2 euros for her participation in the International Tennis Federation Championships in the Czech capital, Prague.

The French player, ranked 410th in the world, shared an extraordinary story after losing in the first round of the qualifiers, as the 24-year-old deserved the prize of 45 euros, but it was severely reduced due to taxes and participation fees, so that the player got only 2.25 euros.

Skarevic was proud of her financial award for her participation in the first round of the FIFA World Tennis Championship qualifiers in Prague, by posting a picture of her prize (2 euros) through the “story” feature on “Instagram”, and jokingly commented: “This is what you get when you lose to the world number 291,” They didn’t even give me 25 cents … Thanks to the ITF for the free coffee! ”And re-published the picture through her account on “Twitter”, and commented: “I just want to thank the International Tennis Federation, I wish I was joking.”

Just wanted to thank @ITFTennis @ITFprocircuit

I wish I was joking pic.twitter.com/VLL2EaYPf0

Source: Russia Today


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