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In the program “Germany’s Next Topmodel” presented and supervised by the famous German model Heidi Klum.

The Syrian young woman, Solin Omar (20 years), has successfully reached the finals of the program. Solin was an eleven-year-old girl when she left Syria with her family years ago to escape the scourge of war to Turkey, then moved in 2014 with her family to Germany, where she lives in the city of Hamburg. To achieve her dreams and aspirations for stardom.

In the model selection competition, Solin passed the most difficult stage as she described, which is the nude photo session, which she conducted with red lines drawn on her body.

She said in an interview with German media, “I want to clarify something … nude photography is not necessarily something that my society welcomes. For me it is an icon – like red lines! Even if I show myself naked here, that does not mean that I have forgotten my roots. “

Solin also said in the video that (Germany’s next Topmodel) for her is not just a title she wants to get, but rather a “message” that she wants to convey to people, and says that despite the difficulties she has gone through, “Here I am, I have arrived.”

In this reality show, eight girls are seeking to claim the title of “Best Model of 2021 in Germany” (GNTM 2021). Model Heidi Klum will announce the winner in a few weeks. The final episode of the program will be broadcast and the winner of the title will be revealed directly on the ProSieben channel, and there will be many prizes that will be presented to the model that will win the title, including a huge prize of 100,000 euros and a new car.

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