A subsidiary of “Al Alamiah Holding” acquires a stake in the American “Firefly”


Abu Dhabi: “The Gulf”
Multiplayer, a wholly owned subsidiary of Marketing Consulting, announced that it has acquired a stake in Firefly, a digital media platform that allows individuals to connect to dynamic media outlets by installing their own advertising screens on taxis and shared transportation.
Firefly is backed by prominent investors such as Google Ventures, NFX and Stanford University’s StartX Fund.
Throughout major American cities, the company works with taxi and ride-hailing companies by installing its advertising screens on the backs of cars. These screens provide location-changing content based on Wi-Fi connectivity drivers. Firefly screens receive millions of advertisers’ views each month. This deal will expand Firefly’s operations to the Middle East for the first time through a joint venture office located inside the headquarters of the “Multiply Marketing Consulting” company in Abu Dhabi.
Customer segment
“Investing in Firefly will bring greater value to all advertisers who seek to personalize their messages and expand their customer segment,” said Samia Bouazza, general manager of Multiplay Marketing Consulting. Investments in our communications department will ensure that our media teams provide the best services to our local customers with the latest available technologies and with pinpoint analytical accuracy. We choose our investments in line with our vision criteria. Our investments are usually focused on the future, and are efficient, effective and scalable, enabling at least one stakeholder to reach their full potential through technology. ”
Firefly will become part of the Multiply Group communications division, which includes the award-winning global multiplayer company, Viola, as well as other minority stakes in companies such as Yildmo, one of the fastest growing companies. Growth specializes in digital advertising and customer interest analytics. The overall goal of joining the company in the communications division is to empower customers and brands through the use of modern platforms and global talent that can create effective marketing campaigns that focus on consumers and increase the return on investment.


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