A strange coincidence … the death of an Algerian artist at the very moment of his ‘death’ in the series!


The Algerian artist Belaha Ben Zian, known as “Al-Nuri”, passed away at the age of 68, coinciding with the showing of his series “Ashour El Asher” during the month of Ramadan, according to what Algerian media reported on Monday.”Al-Shorouk” newspaper reported that Balaha Bin Zayan, who recently underwent an operation in the arteries of the heart at the Military Hospital in the state of Oran, missed death on Sunday after suffering with the disease.

Al-Nouri had previously told the Algerian newspaper “An-Nahar” that he was suffering from illness during the filming of the “Ashour X” series, but he managed to overcome his pain during work.

Algerian tweeters said on social media that the moment the news of Ben Zayan’s death was announced coincided by chance with his death in his last series, while eating poisoned food according to the dramatic context.


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