A spacecraft picks up a strange hum outside the solar system – site news – follow-ups


The US spacecraft “Voyager 1” of NASA captured strange sounds like murmurs outside our solar system, according to “Okaz”.

Voyager 1 is the farthest human-made object launched to the edge of the solar system 44 years ago, and the spacecraft travels between the stars to discover the details of what the solar system narrates.

The instruments on board the spacecraft were able to detect sounds that appear to be “universe noise” outside our solar system.

And space scientists explained that the sounds are emitted from so-called “interstellar gases,” or plasma waves, that exist in the largely empty space between stars.

“It’s very faint and monotonous because it’s in such a narrow band,” said Stella Koch-Ucker, PhD student in astronomy at Cornell University, who found the sound emission.




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