A sample of asteroid Bennu will reach Earth in two years


The US Space and Aviation Agency announced (NASA), About the start of the return journey of the spacecraft (Osiris – Rex) to Earth after nearly five years in space, carrying a sample of the asteroid (Bennu).The return operation began at 2:23 GMT, and the journey to Earth is scheduled to take two and a half years.

(Osiris-Rex) has collected samples from the asteroid as part of its seven-year space flight, and after orbiting the sun twice, the spacecraft is scheduled to reach Earth on September 1, 2023.

NASA hopes the $ 1 billion mission will reveal secrets about the origins of our solar system.

Osiris-Rex was launched from Florida in September 2016, and it took two years to reach 20 km from Benno, and then it took another two years to find an ideal location for sample collection.

It is noteworthy that Bennu is like a black heap and is about 500 meters wide and rotates 290 million km from the earth.


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