A report warns women about foods after reaching the age of thirty


Capitals – Some people get a beautiful, well-proportioned body regardless of age, and the secret is the quality of the foods they eat.

The period of the thirties is a critical period for women because of the large number of tasks entrusted to them and their energy needs for this. At that time, it is advised to eat certain types of food to maintain fitness and appear in a harmonious and beautiful appearance. Health Shot mentioned these tips in an article, the most important of which are:

Osteoporosis or arthritis, teeth and heart disease are among the most common concerns of women after the age of thirty. The magic treatment is to provide calcium and vitamin D, which are necessary for the body, by eating dairy products such as milk, yogurt, green vegetables full of minerals and other vitamins, and fish such as sardines, salmon and almonds.

It is recommended to eat foods that contain antioxidants to stimulate free radicals and fight tissue aging, and contrary to expectations, an adequate amount of tea and coffee is very beneficial to the body because they contain antioxidants, and cranberries and brown rice are very useful foods.

And helps a cup of boiled chamomile at night or a cup of milk to sleep better, and eating almonds, nuts and fish gives women a good night.

It is very beneficial to eat foods that help keep blood pressure under control, such as potatoes, beans and tomatoes.

Women should avoid many types of foods in their thirties, such as added sugar, soft drinks, pastries, sugary chocolate, refined foods, and starches, and alcohol, smoking and soy sauce should be avoided in addition to foods that contain sodium nitrate, which cause wrinkles, body sagging and aging, such as fried potato chips. .


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