A reference in the Axis of Resistance to Geagea: When strategic shifts are taking place … the reptiles are pushing back



In addition to the political aspect in Syria, following the success of the Syrian presidential elections intended for Syrians abroad (in countries of emigration). Through this constitutional entitlement, the various Syrian communities in the countries of the world have proven their adherence to the state of institutions, regardless of the determination of their electoral choice, and for the benefit of any of the candidates they voted, because the most important thing is their turnout for the ballot boxes in the Syrian embassies around the world, which confirms their rejection of the project of fragmenting Syria. And region.

Also this turnout formed a new arrow and killer in the chest Terror, The basic tool for the said project. The most prominent sign of this event, which confirms what was mentioned above, thus that the region is on the verge of a desired change, in the interest of the axis of resistance as a whole, and at the forefront of which is Syria, is to allow some of the countries involved in the war against the closest neighbor, for Syrians to participate in the presidential elections in the existing Syrian embassies. On the lands of these countries, such as France, to name a few. This is what indicates that a solution Syrian crisisHe will be with the next Syrian president, who will be determined by the results of the upcoming presidential elections. All attempts at local and non-local disruption will not affect its political outcomes. Including militia practices committed by a group Samir Geagea And others, the right of Syrian citizens who wish to participate in the aforementioned entitlement, while they are on their way to The Syrian embassy at BeirutFor the past few days.

Commenting on this, a reference in the Axis of Resistance confirms that the most prominent event is the single victory that the Axis achieved in Palestine and Syria at the same time, and how will the fruit of this one military and political victory be reflected on Lebanon. In light of it, there is no political meaning to “Geagea’s hairs” and his followers, which are only malevolent reactions, expressing Geagea’s displeasure at this victory, the failure of his regional bets, and his disappointed hopes for the fall of the axis, no more than, according to the opinion of the reference. He says: “In front of this great strategic victory, the reptiles go to Da`asa.

The reference concludes with the question: Why did not you take? Security services And the military concerned, its role in protecting people on the roads, and whoever apologizes for Syrian peopleSimilar to what happened with the Saudi side, when the former minister rose up Charbel and Hiba Because of the dignity of the president of his republic, and this led to the resignation of the minister who defended the symbol of his country to the satisfaction of Saudi Arabia. Will the law take its course, and the aggressors from Geagea’s group will be referred to Elimination The specialist?

In this regard, a political and legal reference reveals contacts between the concerned authorities in Lebanon and Syria, in order to implement the legal requirement against the aggressors. And that Damascus is looking at an explanation from the Lebanese side of the attacks that have taken place against its citizens on the Lebanese territories, to be based on what is required, and after that the Syrian leadership will take the appropriate decision..

Regarding the details of the Syrian electoral process, Syrian political sources pointed out that: The Syrian state It is keen to adhere to the constitutional dates, thus holding the presidential elections on the constitutional date. This is what happened and is happening.

Regarding the expected results, the sources believe that the results will be settled in the interest of the president Bashar Al-AssadBecause it is based on three major powers, and it has a great influence on the electoral merit at the popular level, which are: Arab Socialist Ba’ath PartyThe Syrian Arab Army and its security and civil institutions, and the National Progressive Front (which includes parties allied to the Baath). And here, no Syrian political-social formation can confront this trinity, the sources conclude.

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