A professional gang to steal cars in the grip of the Information Division … Here are the details – Ambassador of the North


The General Directorate of Internal Security Forces – Public Relations Division – issued a communiqué stating:

Within the framework of the daily follow-up that the Information Division of the Internal Security Forces undertakes to combat car theft operations from various Lebanese regions, the specialized divisions in the division intensify the informational and field efforts to uncover the identity of these gangs, pursue them and arrest them, especially after these operations increased in the recent period.

As a result of this and as a result of extensive investigations and investigations, the Division was able to identify all members of one of the gangs that were active in stealing “Hyundai Tucson and Kia” cars, and they are:

U. J. (Born in 2000, Lebanese)

M. J. (Born in 1993, Lebanese)

U. Dr.. (Born in 2001, Lebanese)

M. H. (Born in 1994, Syrian) with a record of robbery, and the first and second are wanted by the judiciary.

The Division’s patrols were given orders to monitor the aforementioned, locate their whereabouts and arrest them. On 05/01/2021, and after a careful monitoring and control process, the place of residence of the first and second was determined in a chalet in the locality of Sarba, where the Division’s patrols carried out a raid on the place, which resulted in their arrest.

And when they searched the aforementioned chalet, an amount of drugs, cell phones, and a sum of money were seized.

On 05/03/2021, a force from the Information Division raided the whereabouts of the third in Naba’a, and at the same time, the fourth was arrested in the locality of Bourj Hammoud.

A search of their homes, found in the house of the fourth in the locality of Nabaa, tools used in robbery, a quantity of drugs, and a sum of money.

The so-called (QM, born in 1988, Syrian) was arrested for interrogation, and they confessed to what was attributed to them and drug use, and that they carried out more than / 40 / theft of “Hyundai Tucson and Kia” cars from several areas in the Mount Lebanon Governorate, which are being carried out. Transferring them to the Bekaa and from there to Syrian territory through smuggling.

The fourth also admitted to promoting the counterfeit currency.

The legal requirement was taken against them, and they were deposited, along with the seizures, with the relevant references, based on the judicial reference.

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