A partnership between “Amazon” for electronic payment services and “Zurich International Life” – the economist – the global economy


Amazon Online Payment Services, a payment processing service in the MENA region that aims to provide companies with simple and reliable online payment experiences, signed an agreement to partner with Zurich International Life to provide digital payment services to its customers in the Middle East on the Zurich platform. Digital Zurich Pro to prepare its digital clients.

And «Zurich International Life» is a multi-domain insurance company, providing a wide range of life insurance, savings and investment solutions to multinational companies, medium and large companies, small companies and individuals in the Middle East.

Omar Sedoudi, CEO of “Amazon” for electronic payment services, said: We are pleased to be part of the digital transformation journey that Zurich International Limited decided to embark on, thus becoming one of the first life insurance companies in the Middle East to launch a digital payment experience. Comprehensive for its customers with a digitally configured configuration.

And through “Amazon” for electronic payment services, “Zurich” customers can now digitally pay insurance premiums for various “Zurich” products in local local currencies without incurring transfer fees with the highest levels of customer data security.

Walter Job, CEO of “Zurich” in the Middle East, said: Our partnership with “Amazon” for electronic payment services allows us to provide a very easy and seamless digital payment experience to our customers, and give them more flexible payment options while improving data security and operating costs, which ultimately leads To inform the end user.

It is now possible to buy YourLife and YourCare life insurance solutions from Zurich online in minutes.

Digital payment integration ensures a secure environment for receiving and processing customer data. “Amazon” for electronic payment services is a central point of contact for managing the digital payment needs of “Zurich”, as it provides comprehensive support, through interaction with various parties, within the card payment system.



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