A new technology to generate power from Wi-Fi networks – website news – follow-ups


With the digital development in the current era, wireless local networks (Wi-Fi) as a means of exchanging data between electronic devices have grown on a large scale, and they have become used at frequencies of up to 2.4 GHz, with an excess of these wireless signals in a way that allows them to be used in other fields or applications. .

A team of researchers from the National Universities of Singapore and Japan’s Tohoku has developed a new technology that uses tiny devices known as “oscillators” to collect radio frequencies and convert them into energy to power small electronic devices.

The study team succeeded in collecting an amount of energy from Wi-Fi signals to operate an illuminated diode wirelessly, without using any battery.

“We are surrounded by Wi-Fi signals, but when we do not use these signals to enter the Internet, they are inactive, and this represents a great waste,” said researcher Yang Hyunso from the Department of Computer and Electronics Engineering at the National University of Singapore, adding that “the study we are doing represents a step forward.” Towards utilizing wireless signals at frequencies of up to 2.4 GHz, so that they become an environmentally friendly source of energy. ”

He explained that “the new technology allows small electronic devices and sensors to operate wirelessly by means of frequency waves within the framework of the Internet of Things technology.” And he added: “With the emergence of the idea of ​​smart homes and cities, the project we are doing opens the way for the creation of energy applications in the fields of communications, computing and others.”




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