A new round of Saudi-Iranian talks soon


If the Saudis are serious about what they told the Iranians during the talks that took place in Baghdad last month, this means that the region will be on a date with the biggest turnaround in Saudi politics in a long time. The information indicates that the Saudis assured the Iranians that they do not want to normalize relations with Israel, just as they understood that the Americans want to curb the Saudi crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, even if they concede that he will rule the kingdom for a long time to come, as predicted by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. Hence, bin Salman finds no alternative to opening up to Iran, to get rid of the impasse that he has led himself to, in light of his conviction that Tehran alone has the keys to get him out of it, in order to allow him to achieve an achievement to market to the Saudis, and to obtain an alternative legitimacy to the legitimacy of the ruling family Looks like it won’t be granted to him.

Sources familiar with the Saudi-Iranian talks in Baghdad told Al-Akhbar that the Saudi side assured the Iranians that the Kingdom does not want to normalize its relations with Israel and is willing to open a new page in relations with Tehran. The sources said that the Saudis basically demanded an end to the missiles and drones launched by “Ansar Allah” against Saudi targets, in response to the aggression and siege imposed on their country, and expressed their willingness in return to accept a major role for the movement in ruling Yemen. But the Iranians ’response was that the whole issue is with“ Ansar Allah, ”and they are the ones who decide on it. The sources also indicated that the Saudi delegation said that Bin Salman “is not a Wahhabi, nor does he hate the Shiites, as is being depicted.” She added that the Iranians understood that the Americans wanted to limit bin Salman. Even if they did accept it, they would do so while holding the stick in their hand, and they would keep waving it at it. Therefore, he wants to solve the problems with Tehran bilaterally. And I expected that the next round of talks would be held very soon, as the Saudis seemed in a hurry to reach such a solution.

Talks with Iran have become the cheapest and most feasible option for bin Salman

Hurry appears that among the main reasons behind it is the return of the United States to nuclear negotiations with Iran, in what is becoming clear day after day as a revival of the strategy aimed at diverting the American focus from the Middle East, and providing part of the resources employed in it, to be used elsewhere. However, this strategy requires, first, to dismantle the factors that dictate the survival of US forces in their current size in this region of the world, and on top of these factors is guarding the Gulf regimes from an imaginary enemy called Iran. In this regard, the Biden administration believes that the United States has been too late to be drawn into the conflicts sparked by allied regimes, which have become addicted to paid US military protection. Indeed, the new administration has begun to implement the aforementioned strategy, which may accelerate after achieving a breakthrough in the Vienna negotiations. The withdrawal from Afghanistan and the cessation of the war on ISIS and Al-Qaeda reduces the need for US bases in the Gulf, and that is what began at the beginning of last month when the mission of an American division of five thousand men was announced at the “Ali Al-Salem Air Force Base.” In Kuwait, after years of participating in managing the war on ISIS.
Bin Salman has contemplated the Israeli option, seeking to alter American priorities. Therefore, he sought to encourage the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan to normalize their relations with Tel Aviv, but it became clear to him that Israel itself is looking for protection in light of the new situation, and is frantically seeking the Americans, without success, to abandon the return to the nuclear agreement. Thus, talks with Iran have become the least expensive and most feasible option for him, after a few years ago they were totally excluded from him. Rather, those talks became a path to achieve a breakthrough that would gain him the legitimacy he has been searching for. In the Saudi interior, the legitimacy of the crown prince is eroding, rather than strengthening over time. That is because the situation in Saudi Arabia is worse than it was before assuming the mandate of the Covenant, especially at the economic level, according to the numbers that he sought to beautify in his last interview, in which it also appeared that he had failed to record any progress in obtaining the family’s blessing, to show In his coup d’etat, as if he was still at the beginning of the journey, indirectly threatening opponents with death.

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