A new phone from “Huawei” for 400 dollars .. Here are the specifications



News Now | Dubai – United Arab Emirates (agencies)

Company prepares “Huawei“To launch a distinctive phone with great specifications and an affordable price, and it will be named”P30 Pro“.

Websites interested in technical affairs revealed many of its specifications, as follows:

– Will be the phone The new one is equipped with a 6.15-inch screen that fills the entire front and a + resolutionFULL HD, And dimensions 19.5: 9.

– The phone contains Camera Basic with 3 lenses, and a display resolution of (20 + 16 + 2) megapixels, works with an advanced lighting lamp, and a laser sensor that helps it measure distances and determine the depth of the image, and capture high-resolution images in low-light conditions.

– It will work ”P30 Pro“Healer”Kirin 980“.

– The new phone features 6 GB of random access memory.

Its battery capacity is 4000 mAh.

Its price is $ 400 or a little more.

Image source: YouTube


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