A new feature of WhatsApp changes the most important rules between Android and iOS


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A few hours later, WhatsApp’s new and controversial policy will come into effect after its launch was delayed several times, which faced a lot of criticism over the past months, but the most popular messaging application, WhatsApp, continues to develop its functions across smart phone platforms, according to “geo news”. The instant messaging application owned by “Facebook” company is currently developing a new feature called “chat migration”, which allows users of the messaging service “WhatsApp” to get rid of restrictions on the transfer of data between operating systems, and allow them to transfer chats and messages easily between Android and iOS systems.

According to WABetainfo, a website that tracks new changes in the trial versions of the WhatsApp application, the “chat migration” feature will be available in a future update from the messaging application, which previous reports indicated that it is part of the expected multi-device support from WhatsApp and aims the future migration feature. From “WhatsApp” to users to transfer their chat history between Android and iPhone phones, in order to dispense with third-party applications that violate the terms of service of “WhatsApp”, and which purport to help them transfer messaging application chats between the two systems.

A new feature of WhatsApp

The site WABetaInfo, which closely monitors developments related to the messaging application, indicated that “WhatsApp” is also working on another feature that allows users to change “some colors” within the application. It is worth noting that the WhatsApp team is currently testing another feature dedicated to the Android operating system, which works. On adding a layer using passwords to encrypt chat backups on Google’s proprietary cloud storage service. The new, more secure backup storage feature, which is currently being tested in the beta version of “WhatsApp” on the Android operating system, is to protect the backup copies of the WhatsApp chat history on Google Drive, as the Android version of the messaging application relies on it to keep a backup copy of Exchanged chats on the platform.

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