A mistake in translation .. Israel denies the beginning of a ground invasion of the Gaza Strip


There were conflicting reports about the start of an Israeli ground incursion into the Gaza Strip during the night hours.

After the Agence France-Presse quoted the Israeli army at dawn today, Friday, its forces entered the Gaza Strip, the Israeli Channel Ten denied any ground incursion..

The Israeli army spokesman, Avichai Adrai, later issued a clarifying statement in which he denied all the news received about the start of the operation, revealing that the ground forces were only participating in the bombing..

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation clarified that there was no ground attack on Gaza, considering that what happened was a mistake with the translation by the army spokesman..

Move from the north

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing sources in Gaza, that Israeli ground forces had moved into the Strip from the north.

She added that the Israeli artillery began shelling in preparation for the tanks’ invasion.

These developments came after the Israeli army decided to summon thousands of reservists, a large number of them to support Iron Dome, as the Israeli Defense Minister approved the recruitment of 9,000 soldiers..

The killing of an Israeli woman

In a related context, the Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported that a missile fired from Gaza killed an Israeli woman in Ashdod, adding that a number of them landed in Beersheba, southern Israel..

It also indicated that Israeli battleships fired their machine guns towards the beaches of the “Sudanese Sea” in the northern Gaza Strip, and confirmed that another batch was launched towards Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

1,750 rockets

Israel raised its state of alert, with Hamas launching booby-trapped marches hours ago, coinciding with a batch of rockets from Gaza on Ashdod and Ashkelon, while the Iron Dome intercepted some of them..

And Israeli military sources were quoted as saying that more than 1,750 rockets were fired at Israel, after the latter had resumed its air strikes on the Strip at dawn, destroying residential buildings in the city center.


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