“A miracle that you are alive” .. Kuwaiti jewelers explain the doctors’ reaction to her health condition


Kuwaiti jewels sent a new message to her followers from the British capital, London, where she is undergoing treatment there after suffering from cancer, and the Kuwaiti artist revealed the doctors’ opinion about her health condition, which shocked many of her followers.

Kuwaiti Jewels: “The disease revealed to me things that I was unaware of.”

Kuwaiti Jawaher published through her account on “Instagram” more than one picture during her treatment journey in London, and described her cancer as a “beautiful affliction”, stressing that her journey with the disease increased her strength and determination to overcome it, and that the disease made her more close to God, as she revealed to him the truth of some The people around her that she cared about more than she cared about herself.

Kuwaiti Jawaher said: “First thing, praise be to God in every case, and praise be to God for this beautiful affliction from the Lord of the worlds, because my Lord favored me and raised me in rank and status, God willing. And this is the most important thing, and he revealed to me things that I was unaware of, and he revealed to me the people around me and what I used to show about myself and my health.

The first appearance of the Kuwaiti artist Jawaher

Jawaher Al-Kuwaiti: “A doctor described my survival as a miracle.”

Kuwaiti Jawaher asked her followers to choose their companions, and indicated her difficult health condition, which confirmed that no person is able to feel what she is going through except for those who went through this harsh experience, and the Kuwaiti artist shocked the followers after she revealed that the doctors assured her that her survival so far It is a miracle.

She said: “My advice to you is to love yourself above all else and to love yourself is never selfish, because if you love yourself, you will be able to love those around you, and praise be to God always and forever, and I am the one I went through and who I am going through now, no one will feel in me except for the one who tried this thing. May God keep him away from you, Lord and with permission.” God and I am absolutely certain in the Lord of the worlds that He is the healer and the healthy will heal me, even though the doctor said a miracle to live, praise be to God, this is thanks to my Lord and his testing me and patience for this affliction, and finally choose the right people, choose those who know God and fear him in your life Kuwaiti jewels.

Stars support Kuwaiti actress Jawaher

Kuwaiti Jawaher was supported by some of her friends in the artistic community after publishing this message, where the artist Amira Muhammad wrote a comment in which she said: “Oh, my love, God willing, you will defeat the disease and you will return to us in safety, Lord.” The Kuwaiti director and artist Bashayer Hassan also wrote a comment in which she said: “Oh, my love, you are My Lord heals and heals you, my heart, you.” Kuwaiti Jawaher published a new photo of her through her account on “Twitter” after a long period of interruption, and confirmed that her daughters had a great influence in persuading her to take this step, so Kuwaiti Jawaher wrote: “The first picture after an absence I was hesitant, but My daughters convince me, London, thank God.”

It is noteworthy that Kuwaiti jewels at the beginning of the year 2020, it was announced that she had cancer, and many stars sought to support her, as they published pictures of the Kuwaiti artist and wished her a speedy recovery.


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