A million citizens move to Mars by 2025 … Earth’s conflict between the adults moves to the red planet


A special coverage by the Seventh Day TV, about China’s announcement of the successful landing of the probe “Tianwen-1”, Which carries the first Chinese rover sent to Mars, on the surface of the red planet, and the Chinese National Space Administration said, in a statement, that the probe has successfully landed on the pre-determined area on the surface of Mars, stressing that this is the first time that China has landed a vehicle on Mars.

And China thus became the second country after the United States to successfully connect a spacecraft to the Red Planet.

The probe was launched ،”Tianwen-1″ From Fenchan Space Airport on the island of Hainan in southern China on July 23, 2020, the unmanned vehicle arrived in Mars orbit in February 2021 and worked within two months to study possible suitable places for landing..

The rover descended through the thin atmosphere of Utopia Planetia, the same important region Viking 2 Of NASA in 1976, which went through seven minutes of terror during the landing.

Seven minutes of terror is used as a term to describe the turbulent conditions that strike the craft as it enters the Martian atmosphere and approaches the surface..

Teams on Earth during this time lose full contact with the spacecraft for 10 minutes, and the spacecraft takes off through the Martian atmosphere, moving at 12,000 miles per hour, but then it must slow down to a gentle landing within seven minutes..


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