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A German documentary film on vaccination in Israel and its comparison with the Palestinian health conditions sparked a rare debate among German media, as some believed that the film might incite feelings against Israel. The popular German newspaper, Bild, said that the film prepared by the STRG_F young reporter team, “which is affiliated with the two general German ARD / ZDF channels,” sent a signal that “Palestinians are getting sick and dying from Corona because Israel does not feed them!”

The documentary discusses “Israel has been vaccinated and Palestine suffers!” How Israel succeeded in administering the vaccine to a large proportion of its population, which has exceeded 60 percent so far, while the Palestinian areas in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have only had three percent vaccinations, and the suffering of the Palestinians with the epidemic is still great.

Bild newspaper considered that this film “incites feelings against Israel and holds the Israeli authorities responsible for the suffering of the Palestinians.” Bild said on her website, “The film concealed important facts, which is that Israel has already managed to vaccinate the majority of its population with different backgrounds and regardless of their different Jewish, Islamic and Christian religions.” Bild noted that Israel vaccinated the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, even though they do not have Israeli citizenship, and the newspaper said, “The Palestinians must assume their health responsibilities themselves, in accordance with the signed agreements.”

Bild sent questions about the film to the NDR public network, which displayed the film on its website, confirming that the film makes the scene take a negative image of Israel. However, the German public network assured Bild that Israel has an obligation to supply the vaccine, and that the Palestinians do not have the money to buy it. Bild criticized previous statements by the NDR network, in which it indicated that Israel is evading its duties to give the vaccine to the Palestinians, pointing to the authorities there vaccinating 100,000 Palestinian workers, which the film also referred to.

It is noteworthy that the Israeli authorities have been criticized for not providing the Palestinians with the vaccine, as “Human Rights Watch” confirmed earlier on its website that Israel is obligated under the “Fourth Geneva Convention” to guarantee medical supplies, including combating the spread of epidemics. A special committee of the United Nations also urged Israel to ensure that Palestinians living under occupation have access to Covid-19 vaccines, according to the United Nations website.

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