A film comparing the vaccination against Corona for Israelis and Palestinians causes media controversy and splash in Germany – (video)


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Berlin – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The German newspaper “Bild” published widespread criticism of a German documentary film produced by the STRG_F youth team of the public channel ARD and ZDF.

The German-speaking documentary, prepared by a team of young people, some of whom hold Israeli citizenship, compared the availability of the Corona vaccine in Israeli areas, the success of the authorities there in vaccinating the majority of Israelis, and the denial of Palestinians from receiving the same service, and the exacerbation of the suffering of Palestinians with the Corona pandemic, and that all efforts The self-exertion there has only succeeded in vaccinating 3 percent of the population there, due to the lack of necessary vaccinations, while the Israelis celebrate their success in the vaccination process and the lifting of the closures imposed by the epidemic, despite the availability of additional vaccinations on the Israeli side. The film moves between Israeli and Palestinian areas, which are only a few distances from each other, in order to convey the reality of life to each side, while the Israelis express their joy at lifting the closures, the Palestinians struggle to survive in an almost collapsed health reality, and the camera wanders inside Palestinian cities and camps To convey a clear picture of the lives of the Palestinians, and the lives of Israelis who are only a few kilometers away.

The film also showed international criticism of Israel for its unwillingness to vaccinate Palestinians, urging them to shoulder their responsibility themselves. This angered the newspaper “Bild” and sent a letter of sharpening inquiry to the NDR, which follows the public television network, which prompted the other German channel to answer.

The newspaper “Bild”, which is considered one of the most widespread German newspapers, which belongs to the Axel Springer Foundation and her sister Welt, which absolutely supports Israel and its policy in the region, wrote an article criticizing the presentation of the film, saying that it is spreading incorrect information and pitting people against Israel. .

Blame falls on the Palestinians

The German newspaper claimed that the existing problem of lack of vaccines is borne by the Palestinians, because according to the signed agreements, the Palestinians must bear Hygienic procedures On their own, and Israel has nothing to do with them, which was refuted by several international institutions. Bild criticized the NDR network’s answer to her, which emphasized Israel’s duty to provide the vaccine and that the Palestinians do not have the price of the vaccine that Israel possesses. She said: The Palestinians have the money, but they direct it to various things such as “spending on extremism and terrorism and caring for the families of the Israeli attackers,” she said. The newspaper published statements that Europe and the world have provided a lot of aid to the Palestinian Authority, and that there are many questions about the fate of these funds.
The German newspaper believed that Israel had vaccinated the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem, even though they do not have Israeli citizenship. Despite the film’s public criticism of vaccinating more than 60 percent of Israelis compared to only 3 percent of Palestinians, the newspaper said that this number exceeds the achievement of a country like Egypt, and that the number is not small. The newspaper continued: “The film publishes major distortions that affect Israel consciously or unconsciously, including that Ramallah is an open city while“ terrorist images are on the walls: ”
The NDR Network assured Bild that Israel has an obligation to supply the vaccine. The network adopted previous statements indicating that Israel was evading its obligation to give the vaccine to the Palestinians.

International criticism of Israel

It is noteworthy that many international criticisms extended to the Israeli authorities for Israel’s failure to provide the Palestinians with the vaccine, as it confirmed “Human Rights Watch” Earlier on its website that Israel is obligated under the “Fourth Geneva Convention” to guarantee medical supplies, including combating the spread of epidemics. “Human Rights Watch” said today that the Israeli authorities must provide vaccines against the “Corona” virus to more than 4.5 million Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. While Israel vaccinated its citizens, including Jewish settlers in the West Bank, it did not commit to vaccinating Palestinians living in the same occupied territories under its military rule despite Israel’s obligations under the Fourth Geneva Convention to ensure medical supplies, including fighting the spread of epidemics, in addition to its obligations Under international human rights law, provide vaccines without discrimination to the Palestinians who live under its control, using what it provides to its citizens as a standard. The obligations of the Palestinian authorities to protect the right to health of Palestinians in the areas in which they manage their affairs do not exempt Israel from its responsibilities. A special committee of the United Nations also urged Israel to ensure that Palestinians living under occupation have access to Covid-19 vaccines, according to the United Nations website.

Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights organizations say that Israel, as the occupying power, has a responsibility to provide vaccines to Palestinians in the occupied Palestinian territories, including the Israeli non-governmental organization, Physicians for Human Rights, which demanded that Israel provide the Palestinians with the necessary vaccines.


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