A few words wipe out billions of dollars from Wall Street


But what did she say US Secretary of the Treasury Specifically until things have turned drastically upside down?

Elaborate, was exposed American markets During Tuesday’s trading, a violent selling wave focused on technology and clean energy stocks, following statements Janet Yellen, In which it said that interest rates may rise to curb the acceleration of economic growth with strong fiscal stimulus packages.

However, she later returned and amended her statements, saying that the matter is not an expectation or a recommendation, explaining that she does not expect an acceleration of inflation in the United States, but she believes that in the event that this occurs, the Fed has the necessary tools to deal with the situation.

The power of the word .. the power of the tweet

Sensational statements or just a few words are no longer a force to be reckoned with. In January, they did Tweets Businessman and billionaire Elon Musk Confused US stock markets. Thanks to a tweet and a “dog helmet”, Musk made profits for an electronic company after expressing his admiration for him, and the share price of the e-commerce company “Etsy” increased.

In a tweet on his Twitter account, Musk said he bought from Etsy a helmet that represents the cartoon Marvin the Martin, made of handmade wool, for his dog, and followed it up with another tweet in which he said, “I love Etsy somehow.”

The tweet in which one of the wealthiest people expressed his love for the company came at 6:25 a.m. ET, with Etsy shares jumping nearly 9 percent in futures trading, before the opening of Wall Street on January 26th.

But early that afternoon, the price fell by 1.5 percent, according to the US “CNBC” website.

It was mentioned that it was not a company share E-Commerce He absolutely moves in the primary market before Musk tweets.

And in February, Musk praised the digital currency.Bitcoin“He said that owning it is a little better than possessing traditional cash, but this slight difference makes it better to have it originally.

“When a fiat currency has a negative real interest rate, only an idiot will not look elsewhere,” Musk said in a tweet, adding, “In formation, almost … like fiat money. The key word is almost here.”

Tesla’s purchase of $ 1.5 billion in Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency, pushed the cryptocurrency to a record high this week above $ 50,000, while Musk’s recent promotion of Dogecoin pushed the price of the cryptocurrency higher.


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