A feature of Google Chrome changes the password in seconds .. and steps to install Android version 12


Friday May 21, 2021 | 09:23

Google decided, through its upcoming Android 12 system, to break one of its most important protection rules, which prevent Android phone users from installing applications outside of the default company “Play” platform, but they can download those external applications in the form of individual APK files on the side.

A new feature in Google Chrome helps to change your password in seconds
Google revealed, through its annual developer conference, a new feature for its Chrome browser, which will allow users of the popular web browser to quickly and safely change the password for compromised accounts.

Sony unveils the Xperia Ace 2, the competitor to the iPhone 12 mini

Sony announced the latest mid-range phones, called Xperia Ace 2, and officially launched it in the Japanese market, and is the smallest smartphone offered by the company and a competitor to Apple’s smaller iPhone 12 mini.

Download it immediately .. Steps to install the Android 12 beta on your phone
Google revealed the first beta version of its upcoming Android 12 operating system, at the opening of its annual I / O developer conference for 2021, and after this announcement, through which the American company presented the main advantages and upgrades that will reach the famous operating system interface during this year, it became Android fans can try Android 12.


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