A famous Lebanese actress in a dance scene and a mockery of “Bab Al Hara” (video)


Previous episodes of the series “Husband Under House Arrest” saw the people of the house conduct a competition that simulated programs for singing, acting and modeling talents.

The course of the episodes included the mockery of one of the scenes from the series “Bab Al-Hara”, when “Salma” (Anjou Rayhan) wears a “Malaya” Shamiya, speaking in the dialect prevalent in the environmental works in the manner of the series “Bab Al-Hara”.

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The rest of the house showed their talents, so “Najah” (Antoinette Akiki) competed by dancing with “Gouri” (Heba Nour), who also modeled.

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The work events include interesting and interesting situations that are not envied by the artist, Ziad Burji, who is subjected to a quarantine under one roof with three beautiful women, with what this means in terms of strangeness that is not without humor, as the series monitors the relationship of a “womanizer” who is not satisfied with marriage Of two women, but his eye on the third, despite the circumstances imposed by the Corona virus, the episodes reveal funny paradoxes in the relationship, challenges and volatile alliances that bring the characters together, which makes the life of Ziad Bourji more difficult and complex.

The work was produced between Beirut and Abu Dhabi by “Golden Line” and “IC Media”. It was written by Zuhair Kanna` and Fouad Yammine, and directed by Nabil Labbas.


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