A dangerous development in the health condition of musician Talal Bagher after suffering complications from Corona… and his son reveals his last words about treachery


Al-Marsad newspaper: Rayan Bagher, son of Saudi musician and composer Talal Bagher, head of the Music Committee of the Saudi Arab Society for Culture and Arts in Jeddah, indicated that his father suffered a health setback, as he is currently in intensive care, after suffering complications from the Corona virus.

And Ryan Bagger, in a tweet to him on his Twitter account, published the last words his father said, before his health deteriorated.

Talal Bagher’s son said, in his tweet: “Your father, who was betrayed by life, was the last word of my parents, may God lift him up, in his will when he felt that his condition had deteriorated… Lord, give me patience and strength and admit my eyes to see him… Praise be to God for everything.”

Ryan Bagher had mentioned in previous statements that the family was living a trial from God during this period, as his mother and brothers were infected with Corona, and his father was in intensive care under medical observation and was placed on a respirator.


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