A crucial government week in Lebanon and Hariri’s apology is forthcoming


A crucial government week in Lebanon and Hariri’s apology is forthcoming

Wednesday – 23 Ramadan 1442 AH – 05 May 2021 AD Issue No. [

Beirut: Caroline Akoum

In Lebanon, attention is directed to what will be the visit of French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to Beirut, which will begin this evening, and its implications for the efforts to form the government in light of the secrecy surrounding his meetings, as the information ranges from being limited to President Michel Aoun and Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri or to It includes other political figures and leaders.
While it has become certain that Le Drian’s tour will focus on the issue of the stalled government formation, gathering the sources of the two main parties concerned with authorship, namely the “Future Movement” and the “Free Patriotic Movement”, that this week will be crucial in the government file, especially with the start of the discussion about the possibility of the prime minister apologizing. The designee, Saad Hariri, after this matter was excluded in the previous stage.
In this context, Hariri’s advisor, Mustafa Alloush, confirmed to Asharq Al-Awsat that this week will be decisive for the government, either it will release or the President-designate will apologize because he will not wait indefinitely, especially since the situation is completely closed as a result of the hardening of President Aoun and President “The Free Patriotic Movement”, MP Gebran Bassil, with different arguments, once under the title of the obstructing third and once when the problem of naming Christian ministers, indicating also that “mediations deteriorate and rotate in place, and the result is that they do not want Hariri as prime minister.”
And based on information indicating that Le Drian’s meetings will be limited to Aoun and Berri, and whether the “Future Movement” read a political message to Hariri in this regard, Alloush said: “We did not read it as well, and we hope that his visit will succeed in softening Aoun’s position, and Hariri may be excluded if it happens, so that He avoids meeting other personalities, including Basil. ”
While Alloush drew attention to a German move that finally entered the line of composition, but its features were not clear until now, he responded to a question about proposing new names to take over the prime minister, including Nawaf Salam, by saying: “He was put forward before that, and it was estimated that he would not get more than 15 votes, and in each Conditions If they secure any candidate obtaining the majority, let them walk with him ».
The same position was expressed by Deputy in the Future Movement, Hadi Hobeish, who said in a televised interview that the option to apologize is one of the options before Hariri, but he has not decided it yet while he is still adhering to the French initiative, pointing out also that “if you impose options on Hariri in forming The government does not suit his options, as he will apologize. ” Regarding the Le Drian-Hariri meeting, Hobeish said: “Until now, there is no specific date between them, but it may be requested in the coming hours, stressing that the link between the possibility of Hariri’s apology and the meeting is not correct.”
On the other hand, while also appreciating that this week will be a decisive governmental event, sources in the “movement” familiar with the position of the Presidency have pointed out that the schedule of Le Drian’s meetings is not final. It is the date of Aoun and Berri tomorrow, Thursday, with the likelihood that he will have private meetings at the embassy or at the home of the French ambassador.
Regarding Le Drian, the sources say that the atmosphere indicates that the French delegate will make a final attempt, although there is no confirmation that he carries specific ideas such as the possibility of collecting Basil and Hariri, which was preceded by the “future”, rejecting the matter. Al-Mustaqbal in terms of the possibility of Hariri’s apology, after they used to say that this was not possible. “The matter depends on the results of Le Drian’s visit,” she says, “If he is able to open a hole in the government’s solid wall, there can be a solution or things will remain as they are,” stressing at the same time that “the visit must be awaited and the words will come after it.”
In the same context, MP Yassin Jaber, from the Development and Liberation Bloc headed by Berri, considered that “the French have not become desperate yet, and French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian is still interested in the situation of Lebanon, as is France, and trying to stop the collapse by urging the Lebanese to rescue Their country, ”pointing out that“ it is very unfortunate that senior Lebanese officials do not have jealousy to stop the waste. ”
Jaber said in a televised interview that “the vacuum will gradually extend to many institutions, and the situation is deteriorating spectacularly. Nevertheless, we are still standing on a minister with a plus and a minister with a minus.” And Bassil was not shy when he posed this question in his last press conference.


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