A committee to localize jobs at gas stations and service centers – Saudi News


The competent authorities entrusted to a permanent executive committee of service centers and fuel stations to propose mechanisms and recommendations that contribute to the localization of the sector’s jobs, improve their conditions, follow up on the implementation of their regulations and propose their amendment, and give the existing stations that do not meet the required standards and requirements a time to remedy their conditions.And develop the necessary plans to monitor the sector, and coordinate in this regard with the relevant authorities to implement them and adopt the standards and requirements for qualifying stations and service centers. The rules stipulated the formation of the committee supervising stations and centers headed by the Ministry of Energy and membership of 10 ministries (municipal and rural affairs and housing, interior, finance, transport, tourism, media, commerce, environment, water and agriculture, Islamic affairs and advocacy and guidance, human resources and social development), and the committee owns all Powers to supervise the sector by approving the outputs of the work teams. Provided that the Ministry of Energy undertakes the duties of the committee’s secretariat, follows up on the implementation of the committee’s decisions and recommendations, and works with the relevant authorities to assess the needs and enablers necessary to complete the committee’s tasks in implementation and suggest control plans.

Committee powers:

1- Improving the status of service centers and stations.

2- Proposing the amendment of the regulations, and taking the necessary action in this regard.

3- Develop plans for monitoring and supervising the sector.

4- Giving existing stations a deadline to deal with their conditions.

5- Adoption of qualification standards and requirements.

6- Periodic review of provisions and rules.


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