A “catastrophic week” for India as a result of Corona … and the World Health Organization warns


The Ministry of Health said that new daily infections in India increased by 329,942 cases, while deaths increased 3,876 cases, as the total number of injuries in India now stands at 22.99 million and deaths 249992.

Reuters statistics show that India leads the world in terms of the daily average announced for the number of new deaths, as it witnesses a third of the declared global deaths daily.

The average of injuries over the course of 7 days reached a record level, reaching 390,995 cases.

Intervals World Health Organization The virus strain that was first discovered in India last year has become a global concern, and some studies show that it spreads more easily.

Although countries from different parts of the world were sent Oxygen cylinders And other medical equipment to India to support it in its crisis Many hospitals across the country still lack the means to save lives.

A government official said 11 people died on Monday night in a government hospital in Tirupati, southern Andhra Pradesh, due to the late arrival of an oxygen truck.

Aligarh Islamic University, one of the most prestigious universities in India, said that 16 faculty members and a number of retired teachers and workers living on campus have died due to infection with the virus.

Adding to the pressure on medical facilities, the government asked doctors to watch out for any signs of infection with mold or “black mold” in patients with Covid-19, as hospitals have reported an increase in cases of the rare disease that can lead to death.

Doctors were forced to warn against use Indians Cows dung because they believed that it protects against Covid-19, and they said that there is no scientific evidence of its effectiveness and that its use threatens to spread other diseases.

And in the western state of Gujarat, some people used to go to cattle sheds once a week to cover their bodies with dung and urine, thinking that it boosts immunity or contributes to curing the Corona virus.


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