537 events and 172 publishers from 15 countries in “Sharjah Child Reading”


* Ahmed bin Rakkad: Societies recover by nurturing the dreams of their children

* Saif Al Shamsi: Providing a suitable environment for visitors to benefit from the activities

* Muhammad Khalaf: We look forward to establishing generations with an authentic identity

* Muhammad Al-Amimi: We support initiatives aimed at spreading the love of reading

* Khawla Al-Majini: Imagination makes art meaning and creates a future for the world

Sharjah: Zakia Kurdi

With the participation of 172 publishers from 15 Arab and foreign countries, accompanied by a number of artists who present to children and adolescents 537 specialized activities and activities and a series of theatrical performances that bring together a group of the brightest Arab stars, the Sharjah Book Authority organizes, during the period between 19 and 29 May, the activities of the 12th session of the Festival Sharjah reading for the child, under the slogan «for your imagination».

Ahmed bin Rakkad, speaking during the conference

The event, which opens its doors at the Sharjah Expo Center between 4 and 10 pm, will host 27 writers from 15 countries who will present a number of sessions that are held on the ground, and others through virtual communication techniques. The ninth edition of the Sharjah Exhibition for Child Book Drawings will also be organized. It provides an opportunity to view the photographed creations through the comics platform, which offers 132 entertainment workshops and artistic events in which many Arab and foreign specialists and artists participate.

This came during a press conference held, Wednesday evening, at the headquarters of the Sharjah Book Authority, in which Ahmed bin Rakkad Al Ameri, Chairman of the Authority, Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, Muhammad Hassan Khalaf, Director General of the Sharjah Broadcasting and Television Authority, and Mohammed Al Amimi, Vice President – Business Partnerships and Customer Service at Etisalat; In the presence of a number of cultural figures and media professionals from various local and international media, the conference also witnessed the hosting of a group of children in an innovative workshop for the manufacture of robots.

Ahmed bin Rakkad Al Ameri said: The festival opens a space for new generations and an outlet for creativity, learning and play, after a long period of implementation of measures to prevent the Corona virus, to embody on the ground the vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, and his wife Her Highness Sheikha Jawaher bint Mohammed Al Qasimi, President of the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, calling for investment in the awareness and knowledge of new generations.

He added: Societies recover by nurturing the dreams of their children and expanding the horizon before them to create and innovate, and we in the authority are committed to Sharjah’s vision towards children and young people, as the festival is one of the pillars of our strategy in raising new generations on the love of the readable word, and education adopts a life approach to reach the knowledge society, so that we remain contributors Actors in achieving the emirate’s comprehensive civilizational aspirations.

He continued: We prepare our children for a distinguished course, which is held according to the highest precautionary measures to prevent Coronavirus, and we aspire to the festival activities to give them the opportunity to discover their energies and talents and develop their skills, and we say to them: With your imagination, we create our future, so be loyal to your aspirations.

Distinguished partnership

Major General Saif Al-Zari Al Shamsi said: Our participation in this most prominent cultural event comes in terms of interest in the culture and awareness of new generations from the standpoint of the responsibility that the leadership assumes for the entire community, and it is consistent with the distinguished partnership that brings us together with the Sharjah Book Authority in organizing events that raise the cards and knowledge of children and young people. He added: The General Command provides various efforts that help the success of this event, and there will be many internal and external procedures through which we will seek to provide an appropriate environment that gives visitors the opportunity to benefit from the various activities and events offered by the event.

Muhammad Hassan Khalaf reviewed the coverage program provided by the Sharjah Broadcasting Authority’s channels, radio and social media platforms for the event, and said: The organization of the festival every year reflects the central vision established by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, represented by In the belief that children, adolescents and youth are the engines of the success of any ambitious civilized project, as it embodies the vision of the Emirate of Sharjah towards investing in new generations and advancing their knowledge and creativity energies, and it affirms that building nations begins with people.

He added: We are looking forward to establishing generations with an authentic identity that realizes the meaning of knowledge and adheres to their duty towards their country, so we will keep abreast of the events and activities of this event every year. Social Follow-up to the event’s shows and sessions, as well as a television advertisement broadcast that continues to be shown throughout the event, and a radio broadcast accompanying the listeners of Sharjah Radio and Plus 95 over a period of two weeks, to be partners in the success of this event, and to contribute to transmitting an image worthy of Sharjah’s cultural position to the world.

Mohammed Al-Amimi said: We believe in the importance of investing in new generations, and the advancement of young national cadres to be able to lead the future and achieve leadership for the Emirates at various levels, just as the importance of investing in infrastructure over the past years. He added: We are proud to be part of the festival that provides a wide range of activities, workshops and various publications for children in line with our goals to support all community initiatives aimed at instilling seeds of knowledge in children and adolescents and the love of reading and reading among new generations.

The vocabulary of beauty

Khawla Al-Majini, the festival’s general coordinator, gave a presentation in which she revealed the details of the event, and said in her speech about choosing the slogan “for your imagination”: The choice of the slogan reflects the Authority’s vision and strategy to instill positive awareness in the hearts of new generations, and its guidance to adopt the vocabulary of beauty and discover it in the simplest things. This slogan addresses children and youth, and tells them from your imagination that the greatest inventions, innovations and the most beautiful creations are born. Imagination makes art meaning and creates a future for the world.

This year, 11 writers from the Arab world will participate, and the festival will host the Emirati artist and painter Aisha Al-Hamrani, and from Egypt the actor Ahmed Amin, the novelist Al-Tayeb Adeeb, and the writer Amr Samir Atef. Accompanying them from Kuwait are the writer Heba Ismail Mandani and Hoda Al Shawa Kaddoumi And from Bahrain, story writer Nisreen Jafar Al-Nur; And from Saudi Arabia, writer and journalist Faraj Daghim Al Dhafiri; In addition to the presence of the poet and writer Wafa Al Shamsi from the Sultanate of Oman; The writer Fida Al-Zomor is from Jordan, and the artist Hussein Ali Harf is from Iraq.

The festival hosts 16 foreign writers, and the audience meets Matt Lamuth, Ambika Anand Prokop, Nanette Heffernan, Abby Cooper, Kevin Sherry from the United States of America, Swady Martin from the Ivory Coast, Misaco Rocks from Japan, Claudia Rowaida from Colombia, and Zenobia Arslan from Pakistan. She is accompanied by Dinara Murtalipova from Uzbekistan, and with the participation of Curtis Jopling, Aisha Busby, Katie Tsang, Kevin Tsang, Frances Frances and Sebastian de Souza from the United Kingdom.

Theatrical works

The audience of children and adolescents is on a date this year with 385 specialized and varied activities and activities, during which an elite group of experts present a set of valuable knowledge that serves to enrich the imagination and thought of new generations, and theater lovers have the opportunity to enjoy a set of distinguished works that are shown during the event, including a presentation “The Dream Book”, which is considered the first theatrical work to be supervised by the Sharjah Book Authority, with the participation of Wadima Ahmed, Heba Al-Duri, Ahmed bin Hussein, Badr Al-Shuaibi and others. The festival theater will witness the display of a group of works, including “Good Night” starring Farah Al Sarraf, Ghadeer Al Sabti, Alaa Al Hindi, Muhammad Ramadan, Faisal Farid and others, as well as “The Enchanted Forest”, “Shiny Names in History” and “Dancing Colors.” , And the “invisible duo.”

In terms of cooking events this year, visitors are introduced to the most delicious recipes presented by 4 of the most famous Arab chefs, namely Chef Daad Abu Jaber from Jordan, Chef Ghada Al-Tali from Egypt, and from Sudan Zahra Abdullah and Morocco, Alia Al Qasimi, who participate in 20 specialized cooking events throughout Festival days.

This year, the festival organizes the ninth edition of the Sharjah Children’s Book Exhibition, in which 395 creators from 50 countries participate, including 106 participants from 15 Arab countries, and 289 from 35 foreign countries.

The comics platform opens its doors for its young and young visitors to enjoy the most beautiful performances and creativity it offers, and this year the platform organizes 110 workshops presented by specialists and experts, while the young visitors will have an appointment with 22 artistic entertainment shows. With a view to improving the taste of children and adolescents and enhancing their connection with the Arabic language, the festival, in cooperation with the Supreme Council for Family Affairs, organizes the literary competition “The Knight of Poetry”, which is concerned with mobilizing the capabilities and creativity of the participants in the field of writing poetry, and provides them with the opportunity to strengthen their Arabic language, and encourages them to memorize and recite Arabic poetry from an anthology of the most prominent and most famous poems. The competition allocated valuable prizes to the winners, as the first place winner receives a prize of 3 thousand dirhams, the hair shaft, and the second place receives two thousand dirhams, while the third receives one thousand dirhams.

Precautionary measures

The festival brings together book makers in the “Horizon” platform, which aims to support the visual content of the Arab Child’s book and advance its industry, and contribute to the provision of distinctive content that is able to compete internationally. The platform offers a grant for the Arab cultural producer of $ 1500 to be offered to the artist for a single book. Obtaining support for two books, in addition to supporting the cultural product in the media and propaganda in accordance with the vision of the Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival. This year, the platform received about 50 participation from Arab and foreign publishers and painters from 15 countries, including Italy, Germany, Mexico, Argentina, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan and Iraq.

The festival takes all precautionary and preventive measures against the Coronavirus, and an integrated plan has been put in place to sterilize facilities and halls on a daily and comprehensive basis, and thermal wipers and sterilizers are provided, in addition to stressing the need to adhere to wearing masks and applying physical distancing policies.


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