485 thousand certificates of real estate behavior for the first residence in Saudi Arabia


485 thousand certificates of real estate behavior for the first residence in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom participates in the “World Telecommunication and Information Technology Day”

Monday – 5 Shawwal 1442 AH – May 17, 2021 AD Issue No. [

Saudi Arabia continues first home ownership program for Saudis (Asharq Al-Awsat)

Riyadh: «Asharq Al-Awsat»

The Saudi “Sakani” program revealed that the number of real estate disposals certificates for the first housing that the state bore amounted to 485,000 certificates until last April, after the Kingdom decided to exclude the real estate sector from the 15 percent approved tax rate for activities and services in the Saudi economy, and reduce it to 5 percent, while the state will pay a tax of one million riyals (285.7 thousand dollars), as relief from Saudis wanting to own the first house.
The monthly report of the “sakani” program for the current month of May stressed the continuation of enabling Saudi families to own the first home, in order to achieve the goals of the “housing program”. One of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 programs, by reaching 70 percent of ownership by 2030, explaining that the total number of certificates bearing tax on real estate disposals for the first residence since the beginning of the program until the end of last April amounted to 485,000 certificates.
The report pointed out that the housing and financing solutions it provides include a subsidized real estate loan in cooperation with banks and financing institutions to purchase ready and under construction housing units or self-construction for those who own land, and to seize residential lands within the “sakani” program with the aim of increasing ownership rates among citizens.
The report highlighted that 89.5 thousand families have benefited. Of all the housing and financing options and solutions made available by the program until last April; Of these, 66.6 thousand families lived in their homes within 4 months, while the number of families benefiting from the program during the same period recorded 19.3 thousand new families Among them, 17 thousand families lived in their homes.
The report said that construction updates are underway in 64 projects, which have begun to be implemented, providing more than 100,000 different housing units. Between an apartment, a villa, and a “townhouse”, it is characterized by the integration of infrastructure and its competitive prices. It is beneficial that 5 new housing plans for the lands have been proposed.
The “Sakani” application provides a number of integrated electronic services; It starts from registering and knowing the status of entitlement immediately, reserving residential units and lands after inspecting their locations and knowing their advantages, “price offers”, real estate consultant service, “engineering designs”, “approved contractor”, and issuing building permits for the beneficiaries of self-construction and other services. .
On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is participating in the “World Telecommunication and Information Society Day”, which the countries of the world celebrate today (Monday), to stimulate awareness of technical developments and standards related to big data and the sources of its uses, and to highlight the impact of communication and information technology on societies and their economies, in light of the revolution. The digital world is witnessing.
According to a report released yesterday, the Kingdom seeks to highlight the rapid development that it is experiencing in the world of technology and the government and institutions’ trend towards digitization in all its services, and the keenness to adopt the concept of government digital transformation by replacing traditional digital processes, and to develop five-year plans and strategies to ensure the achievement of its goals with quality and efficiency, as it aims to reach An integrated digital government that facilitates services to all beneficiaries.
The governorates and regions of the Kingdom have witnessed a proliferation in the field of communication and information technology services, as the communications and information technology market is considered the largest in the Middle East, and the Kingdom has achieved advanced positions among the countries of the world in the prevalence of mobile communication services, and a high degree of the importance of communications and information technology for the government’s vision of the future, and the success of The government encourages the use of information and communication technology, in addition to the spread of broadband services over mobile communications networks; According to reports issued by the International Telecommunication Union.
Saudi Arabia is working to adopt the concept of government digital transformation, while it has a strong digital infrastructure that has contributed to accelerating the process of digital transformation in it, and this structure has enabled it to face crises that disrupt services in all the public and private sectors, as well as contribute to business continuity, educational processes and all life requirements. The daily for the citizen and resident in light of the Corona epidemic, as the Kingdom was ranked among the top 10 developed countries in the world due to the durability of its digital infrastructure.


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