400 thousand new infections … The Covid-19 epidemic is killing India


As according to data Indian Ministry of HealthIssued Thursday, the number of injuries in the country exceeded 21 million, after 412,262 new cases were recorded.

Ministry data also showed that the number of deaths that were recorded during the same period reached 3,980, a record high, bringing the total number of deaths to 230,168 deaths.

And she was New Delhi Wednesday also recorded a record in deaths, as the Ministry of Health announced yesterday that the daily number of deaths during the previous twenty-four hours rose to a record number of 3,780 deaths.

The ministry data added that 382,315 new cases of the virus were recorded on Wednesday.

This record high comes with deaths Corona in IndiaThe day after the total number of virus cases exceeded Corona The country has a barrier of 20 million, to become the second country to reach this number of injuries after the United States, according to Reuters.

America agrees to leave its non-essential staff

As a result of the outbreak in the epidemic IndiaThe US State Department said, on Wednesday, that it had agreed to the voluntary departure of its non-emergency services staff from India due to the increasing number of epidemic cases. Covid-19.

The ministry said last week that family members of the US employees could leave India if they wanted.

وحذرت US Department of State Citizens are able to travel to India and she said that priority should be given to commercial flights available to those wishing to leave India.

A second deadly wave of coronavirus infections has swept across India in the past few weeks, leading to a shortage of beds. Hospitals AndOxygen للمرضى.

Meanwhile, you face Indian government Demands for a strict lockdown to curb Coronavirus and to slow the devastating rise in coronavirus cases.


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