4 ways to remotely control iPhone camera


There are actually a few different ways to operate the iPhone’s remote shutter to get the professional shot you want. Here are 4 ways to help you remotely control the iPhone camera to take photos:

1- Using the Apple Smart Watch:

If you have an Apple smart watch, you can use it to take pictures remotely on an iPhone using the watch’s camera application, in addition to the ability to customize and operate the application settings, such as: use timer, flash, live photos or HDR, and to do so, follow these steps:
• Place your iPhone on a flat surface or tripod stand.• Open the camera application on the Apple smart watch. This will also open the camera application on the phone.

• Tap the three dots to turn on additional functions, such as: switching between the front or back camera, turning off or on timer, turning on or off the flash, and Live Photo if your phone supports this feature.
Tap the frame on the smartwatch screen to set the main photo capture point.
Rotate the button next to the Digital Crown to zoom in or out.
Now to take the photo, press the shutter button on the smartwatch.2- Use the Voice Control feature on iPhone:
With the camera app open on the phone, you can press the Volume Up or Down button to activate the shutter button, which may be a better option than pressing the screen, but this still requires you to touch the phone, so instead you can assign one of the volume buttons to take pictures. Remotely with your voice, and to do so, follow these steps:
Open the “Settings” application on the iPhone.
• Click on the option (Accessibility) Accessibility.
• Switch the button next to the Voice Control option to ON.
• Click on the option (customizing commands).

• Click on the “Device” option, then choose the “Camera” application.
• On the next screen, toggle the button next to Enable to On.
• Choose one of the commands related to the volume buttons at the bottom.
• Now, once the command is issued (Turn down the volume) or (Turn up the volume), the image will be captured directly.

3- Using the voice assistant Siri:
You can use Siri’s voice assistant to take pictures remotely. Giving a command to the voice assistant opens the iPhone camera app but does not actually launch it to take pictures. Alternatively, you can resort to the built-in voice assistant shortcut called (Say Cheese). ), And to run the shortcut, follow these steps:
• Open the application (shortcuts) Shortcuts on your phone.
• At the bottom right of the screen, click on the Gallery tab.
In the search field, type: Say Cheese and then tap the first result to open it.

• On the next screen, press the Add Shortcut button at the bottom.
The first time you try to run the shortcut, the voice assistant will ask you to grant permission to access the Camera app and Gallery.
• Click OK.
From now on, you can issue the command: Hey Siri, say Cheese, and the voice assistant will take the picture directly.

4- Use the remote control for the iPhone camera app:
You can use a remote control to take pictures, which connects to your iPhone via Bluetooth, and there are many different devices in Amazon Saudi Arabia that you can choose from, where you can pair them with an iPhone to take pictures remotely.


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