3 scenarios for Juventus to qualify for the Champions League


Thursday May 13th, 2021 11:10 am

Juventus’ chances of securing one of the cards qualifying for the Champions League competition next season are very slim, with only two rounds remaining until the conclusion of the Serie A matches.

The “old lady” team no longer has its destiny in its hands regarding the presence in the main continental competition, which contracted with Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer of 2018 in order to win her for the third time in its history.

Juventus are now demanding to win their remaining two matches in the Italian league, including a confrontation against champion Inter Milan next Saturday, in the penultimate round, and waiting for a bump of one of the trio Atalanta, Milan, and Napoli, to reserve his seat in the “Champions League”.

The four clubs involved in the competition for 3 seats in the Champions League were able to win their matches for the 36th round of the Italian League, which was held in the middle of the current week, as Napoli swept Udinese with a score of 5-1, Milan showered Torino’s nets with seven without a response, and Atalanta beat Benvento with two goals. Without a response, Juventus beat Sassaolo 3-1.

As a result, Atalanta raised its score to 75 points in second place, ahead of direct confrontations over Milan III and ahead of Napoli IV by 73 points, while Juventus remained a step away with 72 points in fifth place, while Inter is no longer concerned with this conflict, after To resolve the first qualifying card for the Champions League, by crowning him early as Calcio champion.

Although Atalanta and AC Milan will meet in the final stage of the season, and the match is seen as the decisive final confrontation for qualifying for the Champions League, it may not make any sense if the two teams win their matches in the penultimate round, where Milan faces Cagliari, while playing Atalanta vs Genoa.

And if Atalanta and Milan win in the two aforementioned matches, this will guarantee them at least fourth place in the ranking, before their expected confrontation in the final round, because they are three points ahead of Juventus and both of them are superior in direct confrontations on the “Bianconeri”.

In this brief monitoring, we review 3 scenarios for Juventus’ qualification for the Champions League next season:

1- Juventus defeated Inter Milan in the next round and Bologna in the last round, and Atalanta lost the remaining two matches or lost in one and tied in the other.

2- Juventus’ victory over Inter Milan and Bologna, Milan lost in the remaining two matches, or lost in one and tied in the other.

3- Juventus’ victory over Inter Milan and Bologna, and Napoli stumbled by a loss or draw in one of their matches against Fiorentina and Hellas Verona.

There will be other scenarios if more than one team falters, but in the event that Juventus loses its next match against Inter, and Napoli beats Fiorentina, then all Juventus dreams of qualifying for the continental competition will end.

Source: RT

Source : World news: 3 scenarios for Juventus’ qualification for the Champions League


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