“2020” is a Lebanese series that draws inspiration from reality, with its dramatic plot Lama Tayara


The story of the work in its first episodes almost became a classic, resembling some works borrowed from foreign templates reformulated to suit our Arab societies, and this talk is not censured in the work nor even its writers, as the dozens of dramas that we follow today were taken from fictional, cinematic, theatrical and other works and were modified and treated to suit our societies However, the generous surprise that accompanied the work offer and coincided greatly with some of its details, made it a realistic Arab work par excellence and a positive point to be counted for its owners.

Some media outlets published a news about the shipment of pomegranates that arrived in Saudi Arabia from Lebanon loaded with drugs, and the question became a perplexing question: How did the writers foresee that means of smuggling, or was this an old and new method that they knew as a result of diligent research? Coincidence was the best guide for the viewer, so that working with her became more realistic and honest and not a work that was quoted or came from outside.

Director Philip Asmar presented a professional work, not only in terms of directing, shooting angles and lighting, but also in terms of selecting and managing actors, especially veteran ones such as Randa Kaadi and Carmen Dress and showing them in a completely different way.

The Lebanese artist Randa Kaadi ably performs her role (Umm Deeb), who is the simple, kind, tender and spontaneous mother, who mourns for her young son who consumes this poison that she does not know the fact that the one who sells it and promotes it is her son and her brother, so she dies forcibly, and in that she seemed like a real mother who perfected Quite so simple with her popular environment that her death in the middle of the action not only cried around her, but even the crowd merging with her.

In “2020” the artist presented a new role for her, and in total, it highlights her high capabilities in possessing her tools as an actress of a special style. Leading a whole battalion of rebellious, but vulnerable girls under the sway of love and attention.

Apart from some questions that may arise to the viewer about the importance of Khouli performing his role in the Syrian dialect alone within this work without any clear and explicit dramatic justification, his performance came as a classic classic for a man who works in the drug trade, but he has a pure heart through which he can possess the hearts of those around him by whom In them the “life” coming for a national mission and duty.

But that performance develops significantly, starting from Episode 15 the moment of the mother’s death, to appear coherent despite internal collapse and weakness, and to turn that classic performance into a performance charged with emotions and childish feelings of a man who rules a world of his own, but is very weak towards the separation of his mother.


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