“20 20” … on the road to “prestige”?


The end of the series “20 20” (written by Nadine Jaber and Bilal Shehadat, directed by Philip Asmar and produced by “Sadiq Sabbah”) was open with many expectations about the fate of the action figures. The organizers of the drama did not specify a clear end to the series, which revolves around Sama (Nadine Jaber) al-Naqib, who searches for the killer of her brother Gibran (Rami Ayyash) and decides to live in the poor neighborhood where Safi (Qusay Khouli) lives. The latter, a greengrocer, is hiding in his outlaw business selling vegetables and helping people. The duo meet and fall in love, but between love and revenge a story that never ends! Thus, the series bid farewell to the viewers at the end of Ramadan 2021, so that the surprise is that “20 20” is returning for a second season. At the end of the final episode, the “Sabbah Brothers” company announced that it was preparing for the second part of it, without giving any details about it. Although writers Bilal Shehadat and Nadine Jaber were informed of the project, there has not yet been a working meeting on it. Immediately after the announcement of the expected work, the question became: Will the company run by Sadiq Al-Sabah close the chapter of the series “Al-Hiba 5” (book workshop and directed by Samer Al-Barqawi – Tim Hassan, Abdo Shaheen, Mona Wassef and others), in which the last part of it is currently filmed, and opens the door of «20 20 »?. In this context, opinions were divided about the extent of the success or failure of the second part of the work, especially since previous experiences about the series that were shown in several parts were not promising and did not succeed. The success of “prestige” was limited to the first part, while the repetition of events around the mafia and the arms trade did not serve the real story of the work and became boring. The company insists on the parts based on its contract with the mbc network. Should we bid farewell to the “prestige” after its presentation next fall, to receive the “20 20” parts?


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