12.6 million dinars, “Agility” quarterly profits – the economy – the UAE economy


Yesterday, Agility announced its financial results for the first quarter of 2021. The net profit was 12.6 million Kuwaiti dinars, or 6.01 fils per share, an increase of 28.7% over the first quarter of 2020, while earnings before interest and taxes amounted to 26.9 million dinars, an increase of 31%, and revenues 485.5 Million dinars, an increase of 28.6%.

The Board of Directors discussed and approved the adoption of a recommendation for a future cash dividend policy to distribute 20 fils per share as a minimum for the next three years. It may include a program to purchase treasury shares within the legally permissible limits. The Board of Directors may recommend, according to its discretion, other types of dividends or an increase in the value of the previous recommendation. These recommendations, as is the case for all recommendations, are subject to the approval of the General Assembly and the concerned authorities at the time.



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