10 signs of low oxygen level in your body!


An obsession that haunts Corona patients, from the start of the infection and during the treatment stages until the completion of recovery from the virus, which is the level of oxygen in the blood.

The level of oxygen in the blood “SpO2” is the amount of oxygen in the blood that is circulated to the parts of the body, where the red blood cells collect oxygen from the lungs, carry it and then supply it to all parts of the body.

The level of oxygen in the blood indicates that “all cells get enough oxygen and there is no shortage.”

The level of “SpO2” indicates the appropriateness of the oxygen supply from the lungs to the red blood cells and how well the parts of the body get the oxygen, so the decrease in the amount of oxygen is a matter of concern, especially for patients with Coronavirus.

According to what was reported by “Only My Health”, which deals with health affairs, the normal range for the level of oxygen in the blood is 75-100 mm Hg, while the low range is less than 70 mm Hg.

As for if the level of oxygen in the blood falls to “less than 60%, this indicates a very important matter, which may mean a lack of blood oxidation as the cells, tissues and organs of the body do not get the required amount of oxygen, and in such a case the person needs to consult a doctor immediately to obtain Receive appropriate treatment that can revive the oxygen level in the blood. ”

As for the signs or symptoms that indicate low levels of oxygen in the blood, they are as follows: headache, dizziness, rapid breathing, shortness of breath, insomnia, tingling in the chest, high blood pressure or fluctuation in blood pressure and instability, rapid heartbeat, feeling unsteady Visual, disorientation and loss of focus

For normal healthy people, the proportion of 70 mm Hg is very good, but if the percentage is lower than that, a doctor must be consulted, but for a patient with Corona, his oxygen levels should not be less than 91 mm Hg, according to the specialist doctors, so it must be monitored well .

In the event that oxygen cylinders are scarce, there are many other options for restoring oxygen levels in the blood, such as the prone position. This is a safe and effective way to control blood oxygen levels.

But if a person does not respond to these home remedies and the oxygen level continues to drop for hours, immediate medical help should be provided, especially for people who suffer from shortness of breath or lung complications or the elderly whose health condition may rapidly deteriorate due to lack of oxygen supply.

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