Zidane rips the “card of arguments” ahead of Real Madrid’s confrontation with Liverpool


Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane refused to talk about any prior excuses before facing Liverpool in the Champions League.

Real Madrid will visit Liverpool at Anfield in the second leg of the Champions League quarter-finals (Wednesday), after winning in its stronghold in the first leg, 3-1.

During the press conference for the match, Zidane downplayed the physical exhaustion of his players before the upcoming confrontation, explaining, “We know that we are going to a difficult match, and we will try to continue what we offer, competition, defense well and attack, and we are ready to meet.”

He continued: “We will not try to economize in the effort, Feryal Madrid enters every match to win, and this is what we will do .. We talked about the great physical effort after the first-leg match, and the Clasico against Barcelona, ​​but we got used to these things, and tomorrow is another match that requires a lot of us and there is no room in it.” To fatigue. ”

The French coach also confirmed the readiness of promising midfielder Fedi Valverde for the match, but without indicating whether or not he could participate from the start.

Zizo refused to reveal his winning cards in the match, and even did not talk about the solutions that he might resort to to compensate for the many absences in defense, the most recent of which was Commander Sergio Ramos, who was confirmed to be infected with the new Corona virus.

However, Zidane highlighted the team’s unity over the ongoing injury problems, as he said: “The moral and physical side come together, and the team is in good shape, but this does not mean anything .. We want to present another big match, we need it to pass to the next round, and we will compete hard and try Win, and you will not spare in the effort in any way. “


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