Yousra Al-Masoudi: I discuss the issue of marriage jihad in “Cairo, Kabul”


She expressed Tunisian actress Yousra Al Masoudi On her dissatisfaction with the attack she was subjected to by the Tunisian public because of her role in the series “Cairo Kabul“.

Yousra said in a press statement: “I was subjected to a large number of insulting and insulting messages because of my role in the Cairo Kabul series, and I present the role of a girl who speaks in the rural Tunisian dialect, and contrary to what is expected, instead of the Tunisian audience being happy that I presented the rural dialect that is used in Tunisian soap operas for comedy.” In an Egyptian Arab artwork respectfully, they insulted me and attacked me. ”

Al-Masoudi added: “The Egyptian public praised me while the audience of my country attacked me because I presented the issue of marriage jihad. The truth is that there are girls from all the Arab and foreign countries who participated in the marriage jihad, and Tunisian television hosted Tunisian girls who were in Afghanistan and Iraq participated there. So why attack me when I am older?” An existing model. ”

Yousra continued: “I was the one who suggested to director Hossam that I speak in the Tunisian rural dialect, especially that Houssam wanted to speak in the white Tunisian dialect, because I have wonderful paper that a word cannot be modified, as well as without director Hossam Ali’s instructions and advice, the role would not have gone out like this.” .

Yousra concluded: “The artist Tariq Lotfi sent me a message congratulating me on the role and the truth. Few participated in this act, and it happened with girls from all Arab countries. The audience must understand the nature of the role and the work as a whole, especially since the series achieves a very high viewing rate in Tunisia, as the Tunisian people love Egyptian drama. ”


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