“You are not alone” … a nurse supports Corona patients with a great idea


A nurse in Brazil has devised a unique way to support people with the emerging coronavirus, who are unable to communicate with their loved ones, for fear of transmitting the infection.

Social media pioneers circulated an image that they said was of a nurse who filled a glove with warm water, and placed it under the hand of a patient suffering severe effects from her infection with Covid-19, to give her a sense of the presence of someone who cares about her, through what resembles a human touch, with the impossibility of the physical presence of loved ones to provide support and care For those affected by the epidemic.

According to the Brazilian “G1 Globo” website, the image that was shared was taken in the intensive care unit of a hospital in Sao Carlos, Sao Paulo.
The Brazilian site indicated that nurse Simi Arujo Kona was the author of the idea that she took to provide psychological support to a patient placed under a respirator.

Simi responded to comments praising her initiative, saying: “The idea is to comfort and care for the patient. It is not enough to be a professional in the profession of nursing or medicine, as you have to be a compassionate person and allow your heart to express itself.”

She added, “We decided to do this as a form of affection and to impart a human character, as if someone were holding her hand, as well as to warm the limbs that were very cold,” according to India Express.

Brazil is witnessing a significant increase in infections, as the Brazilian Ministry of Health stated, on Sunday, that it had recorded 2,616 new deaths from the Corona virus and 71,832 cases of infection on Saturday.
The total number of deaths due to infection with the virus in the South American country reached 350 thousand, while the number of infections since the outbreak of the epidemic reached 13.45 million, according to “Reuters”.


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