Wydad: Saudi families embraced 41 orphan children in 90 days – Saudi Arabia News


A report issued by the El-Wedad Charitable Association for Orphan Care revealed that the incubation of 41 orphan children without parental care (of unknown parents) was assigned to Saudi families eligible to embrace them in various regions of the Kingdom, during the first quarter of the current year 2021 AD.The General Director of the Society, Dr. Dhaifallah bin Ahmed Al-Naami, explained that the incubation operations were carried out in a precise manner according to the standards and conditions approved by the association, pointing out that “Wydad” received 41 orphan children from the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development during the first quarter of this year; 17 of them are males and 24 are females, according to the agreement concluded under which the Ministry authorizes “Wedad” to assume responsibility for all orphan children without parental care under two years in the Kingdom in terms of receiving them, providing care for them, and entrusting their fostering to qualified families after making sure that they are fulfilled. Incubation terms.

Al-Nuaimi indicated that it had succeeded in attribution of embracing these children at the level of the Kingdom, as 8 children were incubated in the central region, 10 children in the western region, 12 children in the southern region, 7 children in the eastern region, and 3 children in the northern region.

Al-Naimi stressed that the selection of foster families is done in a very accurate manner according to approved conditions and standards, as the association receives requests for incubation from families through the online portal designated for this, so that the family is then visited and researched socially and psychologically through specialists and specialists to ensure the family’s suitability and ability to embrace and fulfill the condition that She shall be of good conduct and behavior, in addition to ensuring her health safety from communicable and infectious diseases through a medical examination, the suitability of the skin color and the prominent features of the family with the skin color and features of the foster child, and the fulfillment of the condition of legal breastfeeding, which contributes to the birth of the orphan in a family with which he is legally related. It is noteworthy that the El-Wedad Charitable Society for Orphan Care is the first association specialized in caring for orphan children under the age of two years who lack parental care and assigning their fostering to qualified families, and it works at the Kingdom level under the supervision of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, which has been entrusted with the task of following up these orphan children and finding foster families Them according to the approved standards and conditions.


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