WrestleMania 37 .. MacIntyre loses consciousness in front of Lashley


Sport 360 – was held at the opening show WrestleMania 37 major league title appearances as Bobby Lashley defended his title against former champion Drew McIntyre.

The confrontation was violent between the two stars, as McIntyre tried to use his knockout kick to settle the confrontation, but Bobby Lashley had another opinion.

Nevertheless, there was interference from a friend of Bobby Lashley, the star MVB, who prevented MacIntyre from executing Claymore’s kick against Bobby Lashley.

And Bobby Lashley was able to implement a powerful subjugation movement against Drew MacIntyre, who had completely lost consciousness.

The referee then ended the confrontation and announced the victory of Bobby Lashley directly in that confrontation.

Thus, with this victory, Bobby Lashley was able to successfully defend his title and maintain the belt.

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