Witness .. Saleh Al-Mutlaq opens fire on Petros, praise be to God!


Al-Marsad Al-Riyadiah: Saleh Al-Mutlaq opened fire on Petros and Abdul-Razzaq Hamdallah because of what happened to them during the Iranian Fouladh match.

Al-Mutlaq said during his speech on a program in the net: For Petros, acting must be nullified and the role he is oppressed, and therefore in every game he tries to play and win Fawel, there must be discussion with Petros in such matters, and he caused the Iranian team’s goal of Petros’s mentality, whether in defense or attack, he is going to represent the ball. Whoever represented it does not need it at all, and when the champion has succeeded in scoring a goal.

Regarding the shot of Hamdallah with the coach, Al-Mutlaq said: The player’s wife, no matter what he arrives from the stardom of the child’s wife, he loves that he continues, whether bad or good, and this is not permissible and this must be met with technical and administrative decisions.


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