Witness: Because of the way her pregnancy was announced … a Gulf artist, Noha Nabil, was ridiculed


The Omani artist Buthaina Al-Raisi surprised her audience with the news of the Kuwaiti media and fascist Noha Nabil, and this came through a video clip circulated by a number of active accounts on the photo exchange application (Instagram).

And the main appeared in it, and Nabil was behind her, and she called the news “exclusive” and said: “They heard Al-Hosari .. Noha Nabil is pregnant, then pregnant, then pregnant, then pregnant .. Take the news with certainty from me .. I have sure knowledge.”, Which surprised the latter and pushed her to Feeling a little shy.A large number of the public and activists interacted with this news in different ways, as some of them considered that this news would not benefit them and would not change anything in their lives, and others congratulated her, wishing her happiness would be complete.

And from what came in the comments: “My life has changed, I don’t know without the news, I don’t know what to do.”

It is noteworthy that Noha Nabil, a few days ago, exposed herself to mockery, after appearing in a clip in which she spoke Arabic and mentioned some words in English.


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