Witness: After the raging war … Aiten Amer cruelly attacks Reham Hajjaj


Egyptian actress Aiten Amer broke her silence and commented on her benevolent crisis with artist Reham Hajjaj, due to the series “All We Separate”, and the support she found from her fellow artists.She said in a tweet on her personal page on the (Twitter) application: “How much support is real, I want to close the topic, sincerely, with the sentence of fate, put it before me and their worst / failed ones when you see the success of others as a contempt for her person and a threat to try her presence in the series,” according to (Nort).

And she added, “That is why the scenes were paralyzed, the shots were cut, and I entered the production of the episodes and the series’ ice cream, and the director apologized and accused me of falsehood.”

In turn, the artist, Sherine, commented on the crisis of Aiten Amer and Reham Hajjaj, and wrote through her Twitter account: “Among your work was the crisis of Aiten Amer that was supposed to remain the loss in it, but the truth is that it remained in her favor from all the people who witnessed her good treatment. Ayten, stay. “

Reham Hajjaj, the heroine of the series “All We Separate”, in which she is involved in the Ramadan race, had criticized Aiten Amer’s objection to the first intervention at work. Reham Hajjaj said, on her personal page on the social networking application (Facebook): “We lived and saw that the sister of the hero Whoever perpetuates the heroine remains greedy, keeps her role greater than the hero. ”

Ayten Amer had written a post on (Facebook) announcing her withdrawal, “Take me with you and the Prophet Withdrawal season”, after disputes arose recently between Aiten Amer and Reham Hajjaj, due to the latter’s constant interference in the work, after the withdrawal of Karim Al-Adl, director of work and Muhammad Amin Rady. The author is also because of it.

It is noteworthy that the series “Whatever We Separate” starring Reham Hajjaj, Ahmed Fahmy, Rania Youssef, Amr Abdel Jalil, Sayed Ragab, Ayten Amer, Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, Salwa Khattab, Rehab Al-Jamal, Ahmed Siyam, Tariq Abdulaziz, Hind Abdel Halim and others.


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