Witness: A Saudi seeks the hand of Jane Omran … and this return


The well-known Saudi citizen on the application (Snapchat) “Raash” asked for the hand of his media citizen, Jane Omran, in exchange for the dowry of a skyscraper.The hashtag “Dowry of Jane Omran is a skyscraper” topped the list (trend) in the (Twitter) application in Saudi Arabia, after Raash said in a video clip: “To Jane Omran, say to her a shiver asking for you on the Sunnah of God and His Messenger, showing existing money, showing existing towers, it turns out. From the horoscopes, I bought you what I was joking, “according to (her).

He added in front of the camera, where he stood and behind him some of the towers: “Lujain Omran has features that are present in all the women of the world, the characteristics of Jane Omran, my future wife, her personality is strong and confident in herself, in her tenderness, kindness, and sincere bitterness, she has the mercy of Jamal, Zain, and educated.”

He concluded by saying: “If I ban the girls from all sides, and saying that she chooses from the constellations, this is even if it does not like her. We will build a new tower for her, so she will say, O thrill, stop a thousand floors of two thousand roles, and the one who seeks followers takes from these houses.”

Raash had asked for the hand of the Lebanese website artist Yumna Khoury, known as “Dr. Yumi”, and he said in a video: “He tried to communicate with her, but he was unable to do so, and he was ready to ask for her hand and to offer her two million riyals and a luxurious Range Rover.”

This caused a sensation among followers, and many doubted the validity of this offer, indicating that the video is composite, and that this man does not have money and aims through that to fame.

It is noteworthy that “Yomi” responded to him in a video clip that she published on her own account on the (Snapchat) application and expressed her surprise at this offer, and said that she was surprised by the spread of news about him.

She went to the man by saying that she respects him, but she does not want to marry before concluding by saying: “Congratulations on the fame.” Investigating on one of the accounts through the Instagram photo-sharing application more than 45 thousand views, and as a result of this a hashtag or “hashtag” spread to “two million ring dowry”. Dr. Yumi. “


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