With the names … prepare to bid farewell to a bunch of prominent Turkish series once and for all Movies and TV shows


A large number of Turkish series are shown on Turkish channels, but it seems that many of them will end this season permanently, due to the poor viewership rates.

Here is a list of the series that will stop showing completely:

On the “Show TV” channel, a number of series will stop showing, namely: “The hole”, which is showing its fourth season, will be the last, as there are still nine episodes to be shown only, and the series ends.

The series “Ali Reda” will be the last 30th episode of this series.

The series “The North Star” will be the final 60th episode of this work.

The series “Ramo” will finally end in Episode 43.

Also, there are rumors about the channel ending the series “The Flame” in Episode 26, as Turkish sources reported that this news is true due to the poor viewership rates, but the channel has not officially confirmed it yet.

As for the “Fox” channel, it announced that it will stop the series “Al-Sadd”, since episode 39 will be the last episode to end his story that was adapted from an old Turkish movie.

Turkish D channel will end the series “Hakimoglu” due to the poor viewership and that Episode 50 will be the last of it.

Star TV also announced that the series “I waited for you so much” will say goodbye to the audience in Episode 13 due to the poor viewership.

The series “My Home” on “TV8” will end its airing soon, especially that its story is true and adapted, and that the story is nearing its end.

It has also been announced that the series “Scorpion” will end in Episode 26 due to the poor viewership.

As for the series “Sultan Abdul Hamid”, the channel “TV Art 1” officially announced its termination due to the showing of the series “The Barbados Family” in its place.

As for the series “The Commando”, it will stop at Episode 26 due to the poor viewership.

It has also been reported that many series may end in the coming weeks, including “The Ambassador’s Daughter,” “Trinity Rose,” “Al-Bara,” “You Knock My Door” and “Call My Business Director.”


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